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April 6, 2006

Published: April 5th, 2006. / Last updated: Dec 21, 2008.

Bosniak woman says the person in this video as her son Mustafa Hadzipasic, not Serb soldier Rade Rogic.

Ultra-nationalist Serbian web site known as Serbianna is promoting a video of alleged “Rade Rogic beheading” in a section called “Srebrenica Massacre: Photo Story.” What does alleged Serb soldier Rader Rogic from Sanski Most has to do with Srebrenica or Srebrenica Genocide? Nothing. If you are familiar with basic Bosnian geography, you will notice that Srebrenica is located in the eastern part of Bosnia, while Sanski Most is located in the western part of Bosnia.

In order to equalize individual war crimes against Bosnian Serbs with the monstrous crime of genocide against Bosniaks, Serbianna is also circulating gruesome photos allegedly representing Serb ‘victims’ around Srebrenica. Conflicting photo descriptions place these victims in different parts of Bosnia, but Serbianna is conveniently using these images in their Srebrenica Genocide justification section called “Srebrenica Massacre: Photo Story.” Some photos provided by Serbianna are clearly doctored, for example, fake photo of Pero Makic. Take a look at a sample photo forgery found on Serbianna’s web site at this link (click on the photo for higher resolution) and follow red arrows.

What Serbianna does not want you to know is that former Chief of Intelligence of the Serb Army, Ljubisa Beara, personally participated in the decapitation of 80 to 100 Bosniaks in Srebrenica (see: Ammended Indictment).

The video publication of alleged Rade Rogic beheading, which had nothing to do with Srebrenica, came a week after Serbian TV broadcast a video of Serb paramilitaries executing 6 defenceless Bosniak men and underage boys in Srebrenica 10 years ago. Now, “Rade Rogic beheading video” is used by Serbian ultra-nationalists as another tool in the service of “Greater Serbia” propaganda to justify and/or deny Srebrenica Genocide.

Other videos available in the section of “Srebrenica Massacre: Photo Story” have a very bad quality, and they also appear to be coming from questionable sources, like Milivoje Ivanisevic and Darko Trifunovic – one of the most vocal Srebrenica Genocide deniers in the Balkans. Any type of material that comes from Serbian ultra-nationalist sources is tainted and has to be treated with utmost suspicion. These people have absolutely no credibility; they have lost it when they started denying Srebrenica Genocide and excusing massive Serb war crimes in the Balkans.

The website (Serbianna) also alleges that thousands of Serbs were killed by Naser Oric’s forces around Srebrenica, a claim disputed even by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (read here). Approximately 1,980 Serb civilians died in all of Bosnia (SOURCE: RDC, figure published on Dec 15, 2005, subject to revisions) many of them died from Bosnian Serb shells hitting besieged government-controlled cities. However, many Serbs served (and died) in the Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina defending values of Bosnian multi-culturalism, freedom and democracy. Former president of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Alija Izetbegovic, once said that as many as 15% of all Bosnian Army soldiers were in fact Bosnian Serbs.

Serbianna’s propaganda material contained within “Srebrenica Massacre: Photo Story” suggests that Srebrenica massacre was justified, because Bosniaks put up a defence against genocidal Serbian thugs who brutally attacked predominantly Bosniak part of Bosnia. What Serbianna does not mention is the fact that long before Naser Oric counter-attacked genocidal Serb forces around Srebrenica, Serbs killed thousands of Bosniaks in the Podrinje region and ethnically cleansed 90 per cent of predominantly ethnic-Bosniak Eastern part of Bosnia.

One might wonder, what did these Serbian and Bosnian Serb military forces do in predominanly Bosniak inhabitted Eastern Bosnia? They had no business of being there in the first place! They were brutally raping, killing, torturing, and ethnically cleansing Bosnian Muslim population, and grabbing predominantly Bosniak territory for a planned and enlarged “Greater Serbia.” Serb forces around Srebrenica had never demilitarized. And yet, Serbian propaganda and Srebrenica massacre revisionists constantly blamed Bosnian side for not fully demilitarizing. In fact, Bosnian side was the only one who satisfactorily demilitarized by the UN standards as already stated by the United Nations Report. Serbs never honored their part of agreement and never handed down their weapons around Srebrenica, because they did not want Srebrenica demilitarized. They wanted Srebrenica ethnically cleansed and in their hands as part of “Greater Serbia.” Instead of handing down weapons to the U.N. and thus demilitarizing, they used the weapons to committ Srebrenica Genocide.

Three days ago we received an e-mail from Husnija Hadzipasic (Bosniak woman). She asked me to publish a story about her son who was beheaded by Serbian military forces in Bosnia. In a telephone conversation, she claimed the video of her son’s beheading is still freely available all over the internet, only under a different name (Serbian name). This video is freely used solely for Serb-propaganda purposes portraying her son as a “Serb soldier Rade Rogic” who got “decapitated by Muslims” around Srebrenica.

Husnija told us she positively identified the person in this video as her son Mustafa Hadzipasic, Bosnian soldier ambushed by Serbian (para) militaries during operation Sanski Most in 1995. Mustafa Hadzipasic was native of Buzim (close to Velika Kladusa in the western tip of Bosnia). He served in the 5th corps of Bosnian Army, 505th Buzim brigade during operation Sanski Most. Upon retreat (and defeat) of Serb forces in that area, he was captured by Serb military forces who shot propaganda video posing as “mujahedeens.” Serbian paramilitary thugs in the video, posing as mujahedeens, have distinct Serbian accent that is easily recognizable by any native speaker of the area.

Husnija Hadzipasic, mother of Mustafa Hadzipasic, wrote to us 3 days ago. She asked us to publish this message:

My name is Husnija Hadzipasic. I need to tell this truth to the world. Serbs circulate video of my son being slaughtered. They say his name is Rade Rogic. That is not true. I have viewed the video hundred times and every time I cried. People who knew my son also viewed video over and over again. We are absolutely certain that the person
beheaded in this video is Mustafa Hadzipasic. Now that we know what Serbs did to our son, we will go to Bosnia next month to look for his grave. Please publish this information on your site.
Mustafa was born in Buzim on July 2, 1968. His father is IsmetHadzipasic, who died of heart attack last yearBoth Mustafa and Ismet served in the 5th corps of Bosnian Army, 505th Buzim brigade. Mustafa was survived by two daughters, Alma and Emina.
We give you permission to publish this information. If you want more information, you can call us at (phone # edited).
Allahumanet (Peace be with you)
Husnija Hadzipasic

We edited Husnija’s phone # and E-mail address due to privacy concerns, but if you want to contact her, you can e-mail us and we will pass her your message.

  1. Anonymous
    March 13, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    Finally something is being done about Serbian fascist propaganda.

  2. e.e
    December 10, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    I’d like to thank you for this article.I’ve been researching on Srebrenica massacre.while searching,ı found the website “serbianna” and ı couldn’t believe.then,ı found your article,read all and felt relieved.for to instruct people this article is essential against serbian propaganda.
    thanks again

  3. Anonymous
    December 18, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    I Just wanted to ask you a question about the Rade Rogic beheading. In the video you can see an Arab man speaking bosnian with an arab dialect and he says he is a mujahedin, together with a lot of other soldiers. Later you can see the same soldiers vandalizing a serbian church and burning a picture of milosevic while calling him a bastard, they also shout allah uegber several times. In addition the “serb” soldier identifies himself as Rade Rogic.

    I am NOT calling you or anybody else a liar, I just wonder how all of this can be fake? By the way I am not serb I am a Bosniak.

  4. Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor
    December 19, 2008 at 1:51 am

    Anonymous, you should ask Husnija Hadzipasic that question. I watched the video and it looks as if somebody doctored it.

    Remember, Serbs also doctored video reporting of Srebrenica genocide in 1995 by deleting important scenes of mass murder, read here:


    I also invite you to take a look at a doctored photo of alleged Serb victim “Pero Makic” around Srebrenica and I invite you to ask yourself a question: Could radical Serbian ultra-nationalists ever be trusted? Here is a link:


    Also, take a look at how Serbian extremists misuse photos of Srebrenica genocide mass graves:


    Tip: Use “Search” function to research more material from Srebrenica Genocide Blog. Thank you for reading.

  5. Owen
    April 1, 2009 at 8:52 am

    Anonymous, March 31

    If you really aren’t sure why when people talk about Srebrenica it’s one sided, just check out the numbers. Srebrenica was the worst massacre on European soil since World War II. It was deliberate mass murder, it didn’t even have the excuse of being committed in the heat of war. It was plainly and simply the mass-scale butchery of civilians and prisoners of war.

    If you don’t want to look at Srebrenica in isolation, start by looking at what happened in the Drina Valley in 1992. Srebrenica was crammed full of refugees who had fled from the slaughter and expulsions that took place as part of the ethnic cleansing of the area’s population.

    Look at the comparative figures for civilian deaths and you’ll get a very good idea why the discussion seems a little one-sided. The reality was a little one-sided.

    And I’m not sure – for all the faults of the UN and the international community – that you can pin all the blame for starting the situation on them.

  6. Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor
    April 1, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Owen, thank you for responding. I removed the comment by “Anonymous.” Sometimes he pretends to be “Muslim” (Bosniak) and other times he pretends to be a Serb. This is the same person we dealt with here, here, and here. All his questions were answered with facts, but people like him are not interested in facts. They only see their side of the story that is crafted in Belgrade by the Serbian Radical Party.

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