May 28, 2007

Last Updated: August 19th, 2009.
List of all articles published at Srebrenica Genocide Blog
(in chronological order from newest to oldest)

(+) 40,000 Muslims Targeted for Extinction in Srebrenica – Judge Theodor Meron
(+) Genocide Under the UN Flag – Srebrenica 1995-2009
(+) Takis Michas Harassed by Former Greek Mercenaries
(+) Remains of Col. Avdo Palic Located
(+) Congressman Russ Carnahan on the Anniversary of the Fall of Zepa
(+) Congressman Christopher H. Smith on the Anniversary of the Fall of Zepa
(+) Congressman Andre Carson on the Anniversary of the Fall of Zepa
(+) Readership Statistics for July 2009
(+) Carlos Martins Branco has No Credibility
(+) Newborn Babies in a Mass Grave
(+) Serbia and Remembrance Day of the Srebrenica Genocide
(+) Srebrenica Girls Shout Back “THIS IS BOSNIA!”
(+) Response to Carl Bildt
(+) Destruction of Material Evidence Calls for a New Lawsuit
(+) Zdravko Tolimir (aka: “Chemical Tolimir”) is Losing his Mind
(+) ACTION ALERT: Radovan Karadzic Charges to be Reduced to Speed Up the Trial
(+) Holocaust Survivor & Others Honor Srebrenica Genocide Victims
(+) Milan Lukic Sentenced to Life Imprisonment, Sredoje Lukic Gets 30 years
(+) Grand Rapids, MI Proclaims Srebrenica Remembrance Day and Bosnia-Herzegovina Tribute Week
(+) Borough of Highland Park, NJ Adopts Bosnian Genocide Resolution
(+) Kentwood, MI Proclaims Srebrenica Remembrance Day
(+) Action Alert: Remove Judge Christoph Flügge from the Bench
(+) Interview with Zuhra Osmanovic, survivor of the Srebrenica Genocide
(+) Boxer Adnan Catic (Felix Sturm) Pays Tribute to Srebrenica Genocide
(+) Kamenica Mass Grave Excavations Continue
(+) Serbian Thugs Cause Provocations in Srebrenica and Bratunac
(+) 14th Anniversary: 534 Victims of Genocide Finally Laid to Rest (PHOTOS)
(+) Srebrenica Massacre Victims Prepare for Burial (PHOTOS)
(+) Latest developments for Friday, July 10th 2009.
(+) Srebrenica Peace March 2009: Interactive Maps and Photos
(+) DNA Results Reveal 6186 Victims of Genocide, So Far
(+) Tensions Rise in Kravica Village Near Srebrenica
(+) Names of 534 DNA-identified Victims Scheduled for Burial on July 11 2009
(+) Convoy with Caskets of 534 DNA-identified Victims Arrives to Srebrenica (PHOTOS)
(+) Srebrenica Peace March 2009 Live Feed Updates
(+) Srebrenica Convoy Leaves Sarajevo, Heads to Srebrenica Genocide Memorial (PHOTOS)
(+) Final Preparations for the 14th Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide (PHOTOS)
(+) Exhibition: Mass Graves in Bosnia-Herzegovina
(+) ICTY Judge Christoph Fluegge’s Impartiality Questioned
(+) Serb Villages Around Srebrenica
(+) ICTY Responds: We Will Not Drop Key Charges Against Karadzic
(+) Midhat Salihovic Arrested and Released
(+) Serbs Celebrate, while Bosniaks Bury Genocide Victims
(+) Bosnian Jew Sven Alkalaj Wants Srebrenica Genocide Memorials Every Month
(+) Protected Documents Leaked: Serbia’s Deal with the Hague Tribunal
(+) State of Michigan: Srebrenica Genocide Resolution
(+) State of Missouri: Srebrenica Genocide Resolution
(+) City of Saint Louis: Srebrenica Genocide Proclamation
(+) Action Alert: Tell U.N. Judges Not to Drop Key Charges Against Radovan Karadzic
(+) Unclassified Documents Refute Karadzic Claims re ‘Immunity Deal’
(+) Second Srebrenica Genocide Trial Concludes in Bosnia-Herzegovina
(+) Zeljko Ivanovic Pleads Not Guilty
(+) Trial Chamber Visits Zagreb, Sarajevo and Srebrenica in Momcilo Perisic Case
(+) Milan Martic Judgement Shows Slobodan Milosevic’s Guilt
(+) 14th Annual Peace March (2009): 110 kilometres (68.35 miles) long march
(+) Slobodan Milosevic’s Friend Naser Oric: 2 years in jail
(+) VIDEO: How is it Possible? (Witness DD)
(+) Serb Vandals Desecrate Grave of a Murdered Muslim Baby
(+) Nazi Serbia Participated in the Holocaust of Jews
(+) Book: Na Drini Genocid (Genocide on the River Drina) by Edina Becirevic
(+) Westerbork Memorial Center: Photo Database of Srebrenica Genocide Victims
(+) VIDEO: Ratko Mladic Footage Leaked by Federal TV in Bosnia-Herzegovina
(+) Carl Savich: Genocide Denier and Unreliable Source for the Holocaust Research
(+) Zeljko Ivanovic – Genocide Indictment Confirmed
(+) Ratko Mladic Diaries Revealed
(+) Funeral: 43 Bosniak Victims of the 1992 Zvornik Massacre
(+) VIDEO: Srebrenica Genocide Testimonies by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
(+) VIDEO: Ron Haviv Eyewitness Testimony by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
(+) New Srebrenica Mass Grave Discovered
(+) US Vice President Joe Biden in Sarajevo
(+) Jasa Almuli Minimized the Holocaust and Tried to Rehabilitate Nazi Fascists
(+) Bosnian Muslim Boy Describes Holocaust Suffering of Samuel R. Harris
(+) Nebojsa Malic – Disgraced Srebrenica Genocide Denier
(+) 17th Anniversary Since May 1992 Massacres of Bosniaks in Srebrenica Started
(+) Monument to 1600 Sarajevo Children Killed by Serbian Terrorists
(+) U.N. Tribunal Destroys Evidence of Srebrenica Genocide
(+) 6,006 Bodies of Srebrenica Genocide Victims Found and Excavated
(+) Jerusalem Post Remembers Bosniaks & Croats in Concentration Camps
(+) Serbian Involvement in the Holocaust and the Destruction of Jews
(+) Victims of Serb Terrorism around Srebrenica Laid to Rest
(+) Bosniak MP Commemorates the Holocaust Remembrance Day – Yom Hashoah
(+) Four Srebrenica Genocide Survivors Severely Tortured into Forced Confessions
(+) 1,000 New Funerals for Srebrenica Genocide Victims Scheduled for July 2009
(+) Translated Transcript of Genocide Prevention Ceremony in Sarajevo
(+) VIDEO: Genocide Prevention Month
(+) Anniversary: Massacre of Srebrenica’s Children, April 12 1993.
(+) Congressman Chris Smith Speaks Against Srebrenica Genocide Denial
(+) Two New Mass Graves Found
(+) Edward S. Herman – Genocide Denier Caught in Lies, Again
(+) Mothers of Srebrenica File Appeal in a Case Against the Netherlands
(+) Srebrenica Historical Project: Genocide Denial NGO Led by Stefan Karganovic
(+) ICTY Prosecutors Must Not Make Same Mistakes in Karadzic Trial
(+) Jews and Bosnian Muslims Have Joint Experience in Persecution and Genocide in Europe
(+) Dragan Jokic Refuses to Testify, Convicted of Contempt
(+) Fata Orlovic: Target of Serb Extremists that Built Church in her Front-Yard
(+) Momcilo Krajisnik Sentenced to 20 Years by U.N. Appeals Chamber
(+) Miss Oregon’s Father, Milenko Krstic, Srebrenica Genocide Suspect
(+) Self-Styled “Experts” in Demonizing Bosniaks
(+) Srebrenica Genocide Suspect Zeljko Ivanovic in Custody, Arrested in Pale
(+) Serbs File Lawsuit Against U.N. to Diminish Significance of Srebrenica Genocide
(+) Fugitive Nedjo Ikonic Sentenced to 1 Year in U.S. Prison for Lying
(+) Serbian Thugs Chant “Knife, Wire, Srebrenica” at the Australian Open
(+) U.N. Judges Approve Two Genocide Charges Against Radovan Karadzic
(+) Senida Becirovic (aka: Mila Jankovic): Abducted, Baptized, Found 16 years later
(+) Action Alert: Help us Convict Srebrenica Genocide Fugitive!
(+) European Parliament Adopts Srebrenica Genocide Resolution
(+) Life in Prison: Stanislav Galic Transfered to Serve Sentence in Germany
(+) Momir Pelemis and Slavko Peric Plead Not Guilty in Srebrenica Genocide Trial
(+) Srebrenica Convict Dragan Jokic Transfered to Serve Sentence in Austria
(+) In Memoriam: Dr. Nedret Mujkanovic, Srebrenica’s War Surgeon and a True Hero
(+) Bosnian Muslim Women, Children, and Elderly Burned Alive by Serbs Around Srebrenica
(+) 8,372 Victims of Srebrenica Genocide, Federal Commission for Missing Persons
(+) Alleged Deal Between Richard Holbrooke and Radovan Karadzic Ruled Invalid
(+) Foreseeable Genocide: Testimony by Pierre Salignon (Médecins Sans Frontières)
(+) Testimony of Christina Schmitz & Daniel O’Brien, Doctors Without Borders
(+) Naser Oric Factsheet: The Facts Do Not Support Equivalence Thesis
(+) Facebook Shuts Down Srebrenica Genocide Denial Hate Group
(+) Ljiljana Bulatovic-Medic: Extremist Writer and Denier of Genocide in Srebrenica
(+) Ratko Mladic: Hunt for Futigive Orchestrator of Srebrenica Genocide Intensifies
(+) Biljana Plavsic Loses 2nd Appeal, Former Geneticist in the Service of Great Crime
(+) 5,800 Srebrenica Genocide Victims DNA Identified
(+) Fake Photos of Serb “Victims” Around Srebrenica Used to Justify Srebrenica Genocide
(+) 933 Body Remains of Srebrenica Genocide Victims Exhumed from Kamenica
(+) VIDEO: Lost Images of Srebrenica Genocide (29 minutes)
(+) Interview with a Killer: Monsters of Srebrenica Genocide
(+) Torture of Bosniaks in Sanjak (Serbia and Montenegro)
(+) In Support of Florence Hartmann, Human Rights Organizations
(+) Mladen Blagojevic Found Guilty for Crimes Against Humanity
(+) Two Bosnian Serb Commanders Arrested Over Srebrenica Genocide
(+) Resolution 819 (2008 – movie) and Resolution 819 (1993 – U.N.)
(+) Electoral Fraud in Srebrenica, Another Way to Legalize Results of Genocide
(+) Vaso Todorovic Found Guilty, Plea Bargain Helps Avoid Genocide Charges
(+) VIDEO: Massacre of 62 Bosniak Children in Srebrenica, 152 Wounded
(+) Child Victim of Srebrenica, Blinded by Shrapnel Mortar
(+) Denier of Genocide in Srebrenica: Stephen Karganovic, aka Stefan Karganovic
(+) Dutchat Veterans Condemn Marco Van Hees’ Srebrenica Genocide Denial
(+) Kamenica Mass Grave Yields 362 Bodies, Around 4,000 Total
(+) Meet Genocide Deniers: Marco Van Hees (Dutchbat) and Alexandar Gavrilovic
(+) Sanela Jenkins (aka: Sanela Catic) Donates $4 million to UCLA for Advocacy
(+) President of Bosnia Reminds U.N. 200,000 Died in Bosnian Genocide
(+) Radovan Karadzic Faces Two Separate Counts of Genocide
(+) More Srebrenica Victims Excavated from Notorious Death Valley Mass Graves
(+) Ratko Mladic: War Criminal’s Fingerprints Mysteriously Missing
(+) Dutch Civil Court Sides with Dutch Government, Dismisses Srebrenica Survivors Suit
(+) Court: Will Dutch Government Accept Responsibility for 8,372 Victims of Genocide?
(+) Judgment in the Civil Case Against the Dutch Case Tomorrow
(+) Florence Hartmann Acted in the Interest of Justice
(+) 15 Activist Dutch (Dutchbat) Soldiers to Testify in Karadzic’s Defense
(+) Can Genocide be Committed by letting the Women and Children “Go”?
(+) Hasan Nuhanovic Interview: The U.S. Holocaust Museum
(+) Remembering Concentration Camps in Bosnia
(+) Elie Wiesel, Holocaust Survivor, Remembers Radovan Karadzic
(+) Radovan Karadzic – Gaunt and Tired, First Court Appearance
(+) Radovan Karadzic in the Hague, his Defence Lawyer Admits Lying
(+) Landmark Ruling: 7 Accussed Found Guilty of Srebrenica Genocide
(+) Radovan Karadzic’s Family Knew His Whereabouts, Protected War Criminal
(+) Radovan Karadzic – New Details Emerge about Srebrenica Genocide Mastermind
(+) July 27th – 13th Anniversary of the Fall of Zepa
(+) Radovan Karadzic (aka Dragan David Dabic) is Finally Arrested!
(+) Serb Police in Kravica Ban Relatives from Laying Flowers to Genocide Victims
(+) 13th Anniversary of Srebrenica Genocide (with photos)
(+) Grossly Inflated Numbers of Serb “victims” Used to Justify Srebrenica Genocide
(+) Chemical Weapons Used Against Srebrenica & Zepa Civilians, Eyewitness Accounts
(+) UN: Naser Oric Acquitted of War Crimes Against Serbs during Srebrenica Defense
(+) James Bissett, Canadian Srebrenica Genocide Denier in Ottawa Citizen
(+) Dutch graffiti in Srebrenica: the sickening legacy of the United Nations
(+) Child victims, the youngest victim 5-year old Naida Hodzic, Zaklopaca Mass Grave
(+) Children from 7 – 11 years of age shot to death: Zeleni Jadar Mass Grave
(+) Srebrenica Genocide Survivors Attend a Court Hearing Against Netherlands
(+) Were Men and Boys Only Victims of Srebrenica Genocide?
(+) Stojan Zupljanin Identity DNA Confirmed, Lied to Police
(+) Serb War Crimes Fugitive Stojan Zupljanin Arrested
(+) Serb Victims of Serbian Government Propaganda
(+) Genocide Survivors Condemn Serb Police Presente at Srebrenica Genocide Memorial
(+) Two Srebrenica Genocide Suspects in Bosnian Custody: Vaso Todorovic, Zoran Tomic
(+) The Dutch State Failed in its Duty to Protect Civilian Victims of Genocide at Srebrenica
(+) Under the U.N. Flag: The International Community and the Srebrenica Genocide
(+) Alexandros Lykourezos: Srebrenica Genocide Denier
(+) The United Nations on the Srebrenica’s Pillar of Shame
(+) Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom Hashoah
(+) E.U. Deal with Serbia Sickens Srebrenica Genocide Victims
(+) Open letter by 54 World Acadmics and Intellectuals to the ICTY and ICJ
(+) Grim anniversary: 5 years since the first victims laid to rest in Potocari
(+) President Bush authorizes military assistance to Republic of Kosovo
(+) Some facts “they” won’t tell you, and we think you should know…
(+) ICTY: Bosnian Serbs were Under Control of Belgrade
(+) Human Rights Organization Condemns Darko Trifunovic
(+) Serbian Terrorists Attack U.S. Embassy in Belgrade
(+) Kosovo Declares Independence: Bye, Bye Serbia
(+) Bill Clinton: Shameful Legacy (Arms Embargo)
(+) Murdered Children: Partial List of Child Victims of Srebrenica Genocide
(+) FBI Opened File on Darko Trifunovic, self-proclaimed “terror expert”
(+) Dutch Demand Serbia Arrest Top War Criminals
(+) Darko Trifunovic: Fear, Prejudice, and Srebrenica Genocide Denial
(+) Milenko Stjepanovic: Travesty of Justice and Genocide Accountability Act
(+) U.S. Genocide Accountability Act: Call for an Arrest of Serb Suspects
(+) Darko Trifunovic Part 2: Investigative work by readers
(+) Happy Holidays! Christmas Eve in Sarajevo Video
(+) Jasenovac Research Institute – Organization ran by Srebrenica Genocide Deniers
(+) WW2 Genocide of Bosniaks Muslims by Serbian Nazi Chetnik Fascists
(+) Darko Trifunovic Part 1: Srebrenica Genocide Denier
(+) Serb Terrorist Convicted: Justice for 1,500 children; 12,000 civilians
(+) Holocaust was Genocide, too
(+) Srebrenica Numbers: Quick Facts
(+) Mia Farrow and Srebrenica Survivors Protest Darfur
(+) What We’re Reading?
(+) Serbian Photo Propaganda – Fascist Techniques
(+) No Legal Immunity for the U.N. and Netherlands
(+) Death Valley yields 616 more Srebrenica victims
(+) Srebrenica genocide suspects give up fight
(+) Beware of “The Centre for Peace in the Balkans”
(+) Milivoje Ivanisevic – disturbed mind of genocide denial
(+) Dutch revisit Srebrenica; Serbs continue genocide denial
(+) VIDEO: Donate to Srebrenica Memorial Quilt (Advocacy Project)
(+) Dissecting Milosevic Propaganda
(+) Radovan Karadzic and Srebrenica Genocide
(+) Mass Grave: Srebrenica Children Shot in Head
(+) List of Suspects Getting Away with Genocide
(+) Great Powers & Srebrenica Genocide
(+) Mind of a Sick Monster: Trial of Chemical Tolimir
(+) Serbian Human Rights Activist Facing Jail for Demanding Justice for Srebrenica
(+) European Court of Human Rights Uphelds 1997 Bosnian Genocide Judgment
(+) May Their Souls Rest in Peace: 12th Anniversary of Srebrenica Genocide
(+) Upcoming Genocide Conference in Sarajevo
(+) Srebrenica Genocide Memorial No Longer Under Serb Jurisdiction
(+) More Srebrenica massacre Suspects Arrested in the U.S.
(+) The Bosnian Book of Dead – The Most Extensive Study on B&H Casualties
(+) Milorad Trbic, Srebrenica Protests, and Dutch Graffiti
(+) U.N. & Dutch cowards on Trial (analysis of shameful failures)
(+) U.N., Dutch complicity in Srebrenica genocide
(+) Use of chemical weapons requested by Chemical Tolimir
(+) Genocide suspect, Zdravko Tolimir (aka: Chemical Tolimir), arrested
(+) Glogova massacre architect dead
(+) DNA: 8,000 victims; certainly not less
(+) Case Blagojevic: new failure of international justice
(+) Life in Hell, Enclave of “Safe Haven” – Facing Genocide 7/11
(+) Srebrenica files: censorship of evidence and Serb veto
(+) Four on trial of which two deported from the U.S.
(+) Where is war crimes fugitive Radovan Karadzic?
(+) Serbia convicts Scorpions over videotaped massacre
(+) Serbia’s darkest pages hidden from genocide court
(+) More arrests of Serb war criminals in the U.S.
(+) Cowards on trial for crimes against women & children
(+) Milosevic’s death saved Serbia from genocide responsibility
(+) Falsification of Serb victims around Srebrenica
(+) Srebrenica wants out of Serb political entity
(+) Slobodan Milosevic – Child Killer
(+) Serbia does not have the intelligence to enter the E.U.
(+) Chief U.N. Prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte, slams muted Genocide response
(+) Injustice continues: Threats, Denial, Mass Exodus
(+) Rupert Smith: “No evidence Muslims shelled themselves”
(+) ICJ: Politics & Justice don’t mix
(+) Bosnia vs Serbia: perverse judgment?
(+) ICJ ruling is a dangerous precedent
(+) ICJ rules Serbia guilty of not preventing genocide
(+) David Harland responsible for revisionist Markale massacre myth
(+) Survivor, Hasan Nuhanovic, about Dutch metal of betrayal
(+) Knife, Wire, Srebrenica – slogans of hate in Serbia
(+) Serbia: no real political will to arrest fugitive Gen Ratko Mladic
(+) Bosnia: the help that mattered, by Alija Izetbegovic
(+) Reason why Momcilo Krajisnik avoided genocide conviction
(+) ICTY: Momcilo Krajisnik sentenced to 27 years in prison
(+) Genocide trials and Srebrenica massacre mass graves
(+) Darfur genocide in progress – responsibility to protect?
(+) Bosniaks, Bosnian Serbs, Bosnian Croats – say yes to peace
(+) List of Srebrenica genocide suspects & perpetrators
(+) Srebrenica genocide survivors continue to receive threats
(+) Genocide trial without Gen Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic
(+) General Lewis MacKenzie: genocide denier, paid Serb lobbyist, rapist
(+) Srebrenica genocide is a crime against all humanity
(+) Radical Serbian propaganda, case: Alija Selimagic
(+) Srebrenica massacre grave yields over 1,000 body parts
(+) Bosnia reborn, staging one helluva comeback
(+) Qana: massacre of children in Lebanon
(+) International conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1992-1995
(+) In remembrance: Colonel Avdo Palic, defender of Zepa enclave
(+) Radovan Karadzic: mad psychiatrist still on the run
(+) Germany hands first Bosnia genocide conviction, case of Nikola Jorgic
(+) “All sides suffered tremendously” – flawed case of moral equivalism
(+) 15 minutes of shame – 18 more suspects currently on trial
(+) Commemoration of the 11th anniversary of 7/11 Srebrenica massacre
(+) Srebrenica massacre answers: Facts vs Srebrenica genocide denial
(+) Bosnia to mark 11th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide
(+) Relativism of justice: Noam Chomsky, NIOD Report, Dutch Government, U.N. etc.
(+) March of death to honour victim of Srebrenica genocide
(+) Preparations for Srebrenica massacre anniversary – more victims unearthed
(+) The U.S. deports two Serbs wanted for Srebrenica genocide
(+) Srebrenica genocide lawsuit against the United Nations & Netherlands
(+) Four Srebrenica massacre suspects in the U.S. appear in court
(+) Naser Oric home, released by the International Crimes Tribunal
(+) Fair decision in Naser Oric case, defendant proved no direct involvement
(+) Marko Boskic in the U.S., Srebrenica murderer – new update
(+) Sick reasoning and attempts to justify Srebrenica massacre
(+) Unfinished business, genocide case from Milosevic era
(+) Serbia still admires Srebrenica genocide fugitives
(+) Stand off at the Security Council; Hague judges introduce impunity for crimes
(+) Chief U.N. War Crimes Prosecutor, Carla del Ponte, makes four points
(+) Women were also victims of Srebrenica genocide
(+) Serbian song praises Srebrenica massacre
(+) Srebrenica massacre: Frequently Asked Questions
(+) Peter Handke: Srebrenica genocide denier and Milosevic’s apologist
(+) Helping the children of Srebrenica – one heart at a time
(+) Srebrenica genocide must never be forgotten
(+) Myth about Serb victims around Srebrenica
(+) Srebrenica massacre revisionism cripples prospect of reconciliation
(+) Bosnia War Crimes Court opens genocide trial of eleven
(+) Srebrenica genocide suspect deported from the U.S.
(+) ICTY Prosecutors want Srebrenica massacre suspect tried in Bosnia
(+) Stopping genocide: taking the lead or muddling through?
(+) Slobodan Milosevic – bad man of the millenium
(+) Lessons from the Milosevic Trial
(+) The Milosevic account – his life and legacy
(+) Bosnian pyramid of the Sun, new tourist spot?
(+) Serbian media fuels disinformation
(+) Rodney Atkinson – Srebrenica genocide denier & Milosevic’s apologist
(+) Naser Oric trial ends – was it fair?
(+) “Fear of the oblivion is greater than the horrors suffered” – Amor Masovic
(+) Srebrenica genocide suspect wants his own confession kept out of court
(+) Serbian propaganda in action, case of ‘beheading’ of Rade Rogic
(+) Six Bosnian Serbs plead “not guilty” over Srebrenica massacre
(+) Proof of Death: tour to collect blood samples for DNA identification
(+) European Union deadlines Serbia one month to catch Gen. Ratko Mladic
(+) Omarska Concentration Camp in Bosnia – The Auschwitz no one had imaged
(+) Srebrenica and the London bombings: the ‘anti-war’ link
(+) Marko Boskic – a man who gunned down 1,200 Srebrenica Bosniaks
(+) Bush administration has no interest in prosecuting Srebrenica genocide criminals
(+) Serbia able, but not willing to arrest genocide suspects & indicted war criminals
(+) Roy Gutman on Milosevic and life in denial of truths
(+) Srebrenica – A Genocide Foretold, by Sylvie Matton
(+) Rwanda survivors traumatised over BBS genocide documentary
(+) World Chechnya Day – in remembrance of genocide
(+) Save Darfur – a rally to stop genocide
(+) Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina fought for democratic & multi-ethnic society
(+) ICTY Prosecutors regret series of tactical mistakes in Milosevic trial
(+) Phoenix, AZ – safe haven for Srebrenica genocide suspects
(+) Remembering Slobodan Milosevic as Adolf Hitler
(+) How to remember Milosevic? Last words…
(+) Some basic questions & answers regarding Srebrenica massacre
(+) Survivor, Hasan Nuhanovic, about NIOD Report’s key failures
(+) World Court asked to rule on genocide in Srebrenica
(+) “In front of God, I am certainly guilty.” – Srebrenica video killer
(+) Serbian media reports Ratko Mladic cornered
(+) Good day for humanity: Holocaust denial activist jailed
(+) Pictures of Beautiful Sarajevo, photo tour: Summer 2005
(+) Raising awareness for Chechnya genocide
(+) “Your lives are worth less than our bullets” – Manjaca Concentration Camp
(+) Take action to end genocide in Darfur
(+) Women of Srebrenica hold peaceful protests
(+) Definition of Srebrenica genocide denial and revisionism
(+) The Guardian, Noam Chomsky, and Milosevic lobby
(+) Controversial research minimizes Bosniak victims due to technical reasons
(+) U.S. Congress Resolution 199 on Srebrenica genocide
(+) CIA transcript on indicted Serb war criminal, Gen Ratko Mladic
(+) 8,106 victims; response to Edward Herman’s false assertions
(+) Srebrenica still waiting for justice
(+) Srebrenica – defending the truth, 24 signatories
(+) Croatian court jails convicted Srebrenica massacre killer
(+) Serb soldier gets 15 years for videotaped killngs, no remorse
(+) “The Left Revisionists” and Srebrenica genocide deniers identified
(+) Against “leftist-apologist” revisionism of Srebrenica genocide
(+) Serbia, 2nd defendent admits killing Srebrenica Bosniaks
(+) Denial of Srebrenica videotaped killings collapses
(+) There was genocide in Srebrenica and it continues to win…
(+) Noam Chomsky’s genocidal denial
(+) Bosnia’s rape babies: abandoned by their families, forgotten by the state
(+) Bosnian Serb Government admits Srebrenica genocide planned
(+) Serb Gen Stanislav Galic guilty of Sarajevo terrorism & markale massacre
(+) The U.S. Jury awards $4.5 billion verdict against Radovan Karadzic
(+) ICTY: Radislav Krstic convicted of Srebrenica genocide, 46 years sentence
(+) U.N. Court rules Serbs responsible for 1994 Sarajevo’s markale massacre
(+) U.N. Conclussions: Serbs responsible for 1995 Sarajevo’s markale massacre
(+) U.N. Report: Fall of Srebrenica & the role of Bosniak forces on the ground
(+) U.S. offers $5 million reward for capture of Gen Ratko Mladic
(+) U.S. offers $5 million reward for capture of Radovan Karadzic
(+) Radovan Karadzic & Ratko Mladic: wanted fugitives
(+) Vinko Pandurevic and Milorad Trbic in pre-trial
(+) Momcilo Perisic in pre-trial
(+) Zdravko Tolimir, Radivoje Miletic, Milan Gvero in pre-trial
(+) Ljubomir Borovcanin in pre-trial
(+) Dragan Nikolic in pre-trial
(+) Ljubisa Beara in pre-trial
(+) Vujadin Popovic in pre-trial
(+) Slobodan Milosevic on trial, 66 counts of genocide & crimes against humanity
(+) Momir Nikolic – guilty verdict
(+) Vidoje Blagojevic and Dragan Jokic – guilty verdict
(+) Dragan Obrenovic – guilty verdict
(+) Radislav Krstic – guilty verdict
(+) Drazen Erdemovic – guilty verdict

  1. Owen
    May 29, 2007 at 3:51 pm

    Your next job is to group them by subject matter – only joking, well done managing this lot, it’s very useful!

  2. andreana
    February 11, 2008 at 11:16 am

    please i’ve known about a dutch soldier who helped some people to escape, during srebrenica massacre. it was july, the 11th. now he’s an activist. but i’ve no other info about him. i’m italian, and i’m helping some friends (they are activists as well, in collaboration with “tuzlanska amica”)for a tv reportage on srebrenica. if you know something about him, please help me! thank you. andreana

  3. Anonymous
    June 9, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    first of all, thank you for all the information on this blog!

    people should never forget what happened in srebrenica and the perpetrators should never be forgiven..people who did all these gruesome deeds to the bosnian muslims don’t deserve to be called humans anymore!

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