October 25, 2008
Serbia Citizens Voted in Srebrenica With Fake ID Cards Valid Until Year 4000

Short Background: In 1992, Bosnian Serb terrorists with the logistical support from Serbia attacked predominantly Bosniak Muslim region of Eastern Bosnia, killing civilians and ethnically cleansing the area of its inhabitants. Thousands of Bosniak civilians poured into Srebrenica only to find themselves besieged by the Serb Army. Serb terrorists from militarized Serb villages around Srebrenica started terrorizing Bosniak Muslim population, bombarding the enclave, and blocking humanitarian convoys. In 1995, Serb fascists with the logistical support from Serbia committed genocide at Srebrenica killing between 8,000 and 10,000 Bosniaks – men, children, and elderly; at the same time, they expelled 20,000 women from the enclave in a UN-assisted ethnic cleansing. In 2008, same fascists are trying to legalize the results of genocide by committing widespread elections fraud in Srebrenica…

Dnevni Avaz daily has called on the Office of the Prosecutor to investigate the case of election fraud in local municipal elections in Srebrenica. On October 5th, large groups of Serbian citizens arrived by busses from Serbia to vote in Srebrenica municipal elections. They used fake LK/OI-4 forms and unverified voting ballots.

The Office of the Prosecutor confirmed it will investigate all complaints received from the Central Voting Commission (CIK), including cases of fake forms issued to Serbia’s citizens for the purpose of committing election fraud in Srebrenica.
The Serb Chief of Police in Srebrenica, Zeljko Vidovic, and some other members of the force, were recently arrested as a result of widespread election fraud investigation in the municipality of Srebrenica.

Dnevni Avaz daily obtained 83 copies of LK/OI-4 forms, which contain visible irregularities. All fake forms were issued in Srebrenica on the day of the local elections on the 5th of October. These fake IDs were given to citizens who were born in Serbia and they are valid until year 4000. They were not even signed by the holders who obtained them on the day of the local elections and there is no evidence that these people even exist.

The list of fake IDs obtained by Dnevni Avaz and given to Serbia’s citizens to vote in Srebrenica’s local elections included the following names:

Jela Maksimovic, Stojan Petrovic, Radojka Maksimovic, Milovan Jovanovic, Vidoje Stjepanovic, Milka Lazic, Maksim Rankic, Milojko Stojanovic, Bosiljka Stojanovic, Milka Jovanovic, Bosko Markovic, Milan Nikolic, Cedo Lazic, Novica Petrovic, Dane Sekulic, Milko Jovanovic, Nikola Nikolic, Goran Bojic, Petko Maksimovic, Ivanka Markovic, Mladjo Vasic, Vidan Jovanovic, Aco Bojic, Milenko Pavlovic, Milije Milovanovic, Cvijetin Ostojic, Mico Ostojic, Petar Bojic, Radomir Bojic, Milka Panic, Milan Lazic, Andrija Arsenovic, Ljubica Petrovic, Ljubica Akic, Slobodan Novakovic, Stanisav Petrovic, Zorica Jovic, Cedomir Ilic, Branislav Petrovic, Slavko Ilic, Mirko Trimanovic, Velinka Trimanovic, Milena Sekulic, Milutin Stanojevic, Jelena Katanic, Milovan Jovanovic, Radivoje Mitrovic, Ljubisa Trimanovic, Predrag Trimanovic, Goran Nikolic, Velisav Rankic, Radisa Milovanovic, Marija Djeric, Milorad Stevanovic, Zoran Kovacevic, Stojka Kovacevic, Goran Kovacevic, Radenko Stevanovic, Dragan Stanojevic, Kristoje Stanojevic, Miloje Stanojevic, Ivko Grujicic, Savo Savic, Slavisa, Trimanovic, Toma Milovanovic, Dane Milovanovic, Milanka Krajisnik, Mladjen Rakic, Obren Rakic, Rada Rakic, Bozica Ivanovic, Milovan Mitrovic, Miko Katanic, Vidosava Balcakovic, Mladjen Krunic, Radan Balcakovic, Stevan Jovanovic, Andja Rankic, Slobodan Jovanovic, Mirjana Orasanin, Branislav Milinkovic, Veljko Katanic, and many others.
  1. Taras
    October 27, 2008 at 10:02 am

    The Bosniaks of Srebrenica did not just perish from genocide by Milosevic and his butchers.

    They perished from genocide by indifference and inaction. The UN troops who were supposed to protect them sat idle and turned a blind eye to the crime against humanity in progress.

    Ukrainians know about genocide and election fraud from experience.

    In 1932-33, Stalin and the communists starved to death more than 3 million Ukrainian peasants and farmers in what became known as the Holodomor. New York Times reporter Walter Duranty denied it back then, Russia denies it today.

    In 2004, pro-Russian presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych and his backers engaged in mass enfranchisement of the dead, chain-voting, and other types of election fraud.
    As Stalin put it, “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.”

    Unless humanity learns from its genocidal inaction, the Milosevics of tomorrow will be there to teach more lessons.

  2. Anonymous
    October 30, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    Yes, that does not surprise me in the least. The Serbs would use all and any dirty tricks.
    Hopefully the day will come whenthey will pay for all evil they did. And they have brought it all down upon themselves.

    Abdelkrim el Khattbi

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