April 28, 2009

Flashback: What did Bosnian Serbs do in heavily militarized villages around Srebrenica from 1991-1995? They had participated in a number of brutal massacres against the Bosniak population in and around Srebrenica, including nearby municipality of Vlasenica.

On April 25th, 2009, thirty-four Bosniak victims were laid to rest in Vlasenica, at the Rakita cemeteray. Bodies of victims were found in mass graves around Srebrenica. Another fifteen victims are awaiting DNA identification.
The youngest victim was Almir Jahic who was 16 years old at the time of his death. His body was found in the mass grave along with the body of his father who was buried last year. The oldest victim was elderly Melka (Hase) Mekić (1912) who was 80 years old when Serbs from surrounding villages around Srebrenica attacked nearby Vlasenica municipality and killed her.

Among the victims in Rakita there are mother and daughter Almasa and Suada Hajdarevic and Salko and Mehmed Efendic who come from a family in which seven brothers and one cousin were murdered.

Serbs from heavily militarized villages around Srebrenica murdered 2.600 Bosnian Muslim civilians in Vlasenica municipality during the past war. Until now, 650 remains were exhumed and 350 bodies identified.

Serbian NGO “Women in Black” (photo on the left) came to pay their respect to the Bosniak victims of Serb terror around Srebrenica. Their representative, Staša Zajovič, said:

“We are going to Tuzla, Kozarac, Visegrad, to as many places as we possibly can, to places where Serbs committed crimes in our name, led by those who in the name of Serbhood, in the name of Greater Serbia, in the name of criminal politics, those who had committed such horrible brutalities. We express our human responsibility and a community act of solidarity with the victims of these crimes… We are disgusted with the current government in Serbia, as well as with the International community’s injustice toward the victims of this crime, which is one of countless crimes committed against the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina, especially against the people of Bosniak nationality.”

Only Dragan Nikolic was convicted to 20 years of imprisonment for crimes in this town, while proceedings are ongoing against two more individuals. Other perpetrators are still free.

Here are NAMES of buried victims and FUNERAL PHOTOS:

  1. Hajdarević (Derviš) Almasa (1936-1992)
  2. Hodžić (Ahmo) Sadidin (1965-1992)
  3. Jahić (Avdo) Almir (1975-1992)
  4. Musić (Meho) Mehmed (1928-1993)
  5. Pezić (Sulejman) Enis (1962-1992)
  6. Salkić (Šaban) Nedžada (1974-1992)
  7. Hajdarević (Emin) Suvada (1954-1992)
  8. Heljo (Sejfo) Jasmin (1973-1992)
  9. Salaharević (Muhamed) Edin (1973-1992)
  10. Kičić (Munib) Galib (1974-1992)
  11. Efendić (Ahmo) Mehmed (1973-1992)
  12. Efendić (Ibro) Salko (1964-1992)
  13. Arnaut (Ramo) Selim (1956-1992)
  14. Hidić (Mehmedalija) Hakija (1952-1992)
  15. Durić (Hamid) Osman (1956-1992)
  16. Mekić (Haso) Melka (1912-1992)
  17. Hurić (Himzo) Hajrudin (1965-1992)
  18. Huremović (Mujo) Osman (1927-1992)
  19. Mehmedović (Redžo) Nedžad (1966-1992)
  20. Mehmedović (Redžo) Kemal (1964-1992)
  21. Gagulić (Alija) Hajrudin (1963-1993)
  22. Esmić (Muhamed) Mujo (1959-1993)
  23. Heljo (Sejdo) Paša (1927-1992)
  24. Jašarević (Sinan) Kadir (1959-1992)
  25. Hadžić (Muradif) Enes (1961-1992)
  26. Karač (Hamdija) Sead (1969-1992)
  27. Patković (Huso) Hasib (1940-1992)
  28. Ibralić (Šaban) Husein (1951-1992)
  29. Begić (Hasan) Suljo (1928 -1995)
  30. Ferhatović (Avdo) Advija (1974-1992)
  31. Mušanović (Mustafa) Fahrudin (1961 – 1992)
  32. Mušanović (Mustafa) Mevludin (1958 – 1992)
  33. Kastrati (Ahmet) Rahman (1931 – 1992)
  34. Hodžić (Juso) Rešid (1971-1993).

  1. hockey hound
    April 29, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Hey, Daniel,

    I just talked to a Canadian soldier yesterday who was in Bosnia. He told me how they found a schoolhouse where Serbs had shot Muslim children inside one of the classrooms. I thought of you when I heard this. I have been saddened by this news ever since.

    This genocide really happened. Keep your chin up, my friend.

    Best wishes,
    Hockey Hound

  2. Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor
    April 29, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    Thank you for this information. Please contact me at srebrenicagenocide@live.com as soon as you can.

  3. elvedina2006
    April 30, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    May they rest in peace.
    I wonder where are these child and woman killers now. Do they think about their victims or their families. Are they just glad they did it. They need to be punished for what they did and justice is very slow in Bosnia. I am grateful to any Serb who saved a Bosnian life when it was so easy to take it.

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