Serbs “targeted for extinction the 40,000 Muslims living in Srebrenica,” according to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY). 

From 1992-95, Serbs constantly attacked Bosnian Muslim villages and towns around Srebrenica and burned alive scores of Bosniak women and children (VIEW PHOTOS). Serbs had never demilitarized around Srebrenica and they had constantly violated the 1993 demilitarization agreement.

In several days of July 1995, Srebrenica genocide resulted in the ethnic cleansing of 30,000 and summary executions of more than 8,000 Bosniaks (DNA confirmed). DNA results of the International Commission on Missing Persons support an estimate of 8,100 Srebrenica massacre victims. So far, the identities of 6,186 genocide victims have been revealed by the DNA analysis. For quick facts on the numbers of Srebrenica massacre victims, click here.

Srebrenica massacre was Europe’s worst act of genocide since World War II. For quick overview of Srebrenica massacre, please consult our ‘Srebrenica Genocide:  Questions & Answers – Responding to the Growing Assault on Truth and Memorypage.

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