July 29, 2008



Verdicts Announced in the cases against Miloš Stupar et al., Petar Mitrović and Miladin Stevanović (Kravica Cases)

The Court of BiH today announced the first instance verdicts in the cases, Stupar Miloš and others, Mitrović Petar and Stevanović Miladin. These are the first verdicts from the Court of BiH involving Genocide charges in connection with events in Srebrenica during July 1995.

Seven (7) of the Accused were convicted for the criminal offense of Genocide pursuant to Article 171 of the CC of BiH. The Court sentenced the Accused Milenko Trifunović, Brano Džinić, and Aleksandar Radovanović to forty-two (42) years long-term imprisonment, the Accused Miloš Stupar, Slobodan Jakovljević, and Branislav Medan to forty (40) years long-term imprisonment, and the Accused Petar Mitrović to thirty-eight (38) years long-term imprisonment. All 7 Accused were convicted for their participation in the killing of more than 1000 Bosniak men in the warehouse of the Farming Cooperative Kravica on 13 July 1995 as members of the 2nd Šekovići Special Police Detachment.

The Panel found that several thousand Bosniak men were captured and detained at the Sandići meadow in the morning and afternoon of 13 July. These men were part of the column of Bosniak men attempting to break out from the Srebrenica enclave after the capture of the enclave by the forces of the Republika Srpska. Many of these men were induced to surrender by deception, and were told they would be safe and taken to territory under control of ARBiH. At least one thousand of these men were then transported by bus or marched in a column to the warehouse of the Farming Cooperative Kravica, where they were further detained. Beginning in the early evening, shortly after the arrival of the column of men, these prisoners were executed in the warehouse by small arms fire, machine gun fire and the use of hand grenades.

The Panel also found that the Accused Milenko Trifunović and Aleksandar Radovanović were in front of the warehouse shooting at prisoners, whilst Brano Džinić was throwing hand grenades at them. Accused Slobodan Jakovljević, Branislav Medan, and Petar Mitrović, acted as armed guards at the rear of the warehouse in order to prevent the detained Bosniak men from escaping the ongoing killings through the windows at the rear of the warehouse. It is also found that Accused Mitrović fired from his automatic rifle at the detainees as well. The Panel concluded that these Accused perpetrated these acts with the genocidal intent, that is, with the aim to destroy in part a group of Bosniak people. These six Accused were accordingly found guilty as co-perpetrators in the commission of the criminal offense of Genocide.

In addition, the Panel found that the Accused Miloš Stupar was at the relevant time Commander of the 2nd Šekovići Detachment of the Special Police Brigade, that he knew of the criminal acts of his subordinates, and that he failed to take measures to punish them, having the genocidal intent as well. The Accused Stupar was accordingly also convicted of the crime of Genocide on the basis of command responsibility.

Four (4) Accused, Velibor Maksimović, Dragiša Živanović, Milovan Matić, and Miladin Stevanović, were acquitted of all charges. The Panel concluded that the Prosecutor failed to present sufficient legal evidence to prove beyond doubt that these Accused participated in committing the offense of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes.

The custody against the Accused Miloš Stupar, Milenko Trifunović, Brano Džinić, Aleksandar Radovanović, Slobodan Jakovljević, Branislav Medan, and Petar Mitrović was extended and the time that they have spent in custody will be credited towards their sentence. The Accused Velibor Maksimović, Dragiša Živanović and Miladin Stevanović were released from custody, whilst custody against Milovan Matić was cancelled previously during the main trial.

Source: The Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina (War Crimes Chamber)

  1. Anonymous
    July 29, 2008 at 11:05 pm

    Thank you very much for having published all these information and the truths about the terrible crimes that happened in Bosnia, esp the genocide in Srebrenica. It hurts awfully to see they deny it and they pretend they don’t know anything..yet we have to live together, it’s noble to forgive and it’s very painful to remember. I was 7 when the war broke out in Bosnia, I survived by a mare luck, some members of my family were killed.
    I would like to ask you a favour if you have time to check the information and the pictures posted on this blog and to say if any of this is relevant..since I noticed you know a lot about it. I think the entire post could be written on this, apart from other ‘qualities’ of Serbs, this one is very common, to turn things in their own benefit when they know priceisly well the real truth.
    I apologize if it’s not directly connected with this post or it you don’t consider this as an issue that should be addressed.
    Mel, Bosnia.

  2. Muztaba
    July 30, 2008 at 4:50 pm

    I cant be happy at this news. Those seven culprit only sentenced to imprisonment. They have no right to stay alive. I know its not possible to give them the appropriate punishment in this world. If they are given painful death and alive again and again give them death for thousands time still there punishment will not be appropriate. Only Allah the almighty can do so after this life. But At least they should be sentenced to death.
    And its really disappointing that other culprit can escape from punishment and prosecutor fail to present prove against them. Anyway better late than never. At least seven culprit are given some light punishment.

  3. Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor
    July 30, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    Anonymous, so called “real srebrenica genocide” is just a Srebrenica genocide denial blog. As you can see, they distort facts by using photos of unfortunate Serb civilians who died in other parts of Bosnia, and portray them as Serb victims of “Muslim terror” around Srebrenica. They even use photos of people they killed, as is the case of two children Predrag (7) and Danka (4) Sekulovic, who where killed on Sep. 13, 1992 when their parent’s truck came on an anti-tank mine, which was placed by the Bosnian Serb Army in the village of Bakic on the road to Foca to block communication between largely Bosniak villages in the area. Read here:


  4. rbih4ever
    July 30, 2008 at 9:08 pm

    Most Serbs are pathological liers.
    Their whole history are lies and mythology.
    From their “victory” over the Ottoman Turks 500 years ago at Kosova Polje (and I guess, as a reward, they let the Turks rule them for 400 years or so after that) to their last campaign of Genocide (agression on Republic of Bosnia Herzegovina 1992-1995-now.
    International organisations and courts have proven that Serbs produce lies many times but that will not stop them.
    Nothing but a military victory over them will stop them.
    It is like hoping that the Nazi Germany would have given its ways up in 1941-43 after all those victories and genocidal campaigns.

    There can be no justice in Bosnia until the genocidal creation called republika srpska is gone and Bosnia is united again where all its citizens have equal rights and ethnicity does not matter.

  5. Owen
    July 31, 2008 at 6:59 am

    They were members of the “2nd Šekovići Special Police Detachment”. No connection I suppose with the Republika Srpska special police forces who prevented the Mothers of Srebrenica laying flowers at the warehouse in Kravica on 16 July reportedly because they deemed it to be “provocation”?

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