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Interesting: Some of the most notable visitors to Srebrenica Genocide Blog in July 2009 included: International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), International Court of Justice (ICJ), and Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

1. In July 2009, approx. 14,700 people visited Srebrenica Genocide Blog (on average 472.84 people per day). Approximately 85% of all July visitors were new people who never visited us before. On average, each person read 1.93 articles per visit, thus far generating 28,000+ page views in July. Average reader spends almost 2 minutes per visit (or 01:53 average time on site).

2. According to Google, the term “Srebrenica Genocide Blog” is mentioned on at least 7,250 web sites. Many of these web sites re-publish our content, cite our pages, or simply link to us. Thus far, the truth about genocide at Srebrenica reaches far more people than Google Analytics shows. In fact, Google Analytics stats are limited only to this blog. Almost 59% of all visitors come from referring sites, 36% find us via Search Engines, and 5% type in our web address.

3. Although QUANTCAST stats are less reliable than Google Analytics, there is one feature of QUANTCAST that Google Analytics doesn’t have. It can detect visits from SMALL, MEDIUM, AND LARGE businesses. In July, we got visitors from the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), as well as from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) also at the Hague and the Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina (Sud BiH) in Sarajevo.

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Reading time: 5-10 minutes [highly recommended]


Former low-ranking Portuguese UN military observer, Carlos Martins Branco, is a Srebrenica genocide denier whose credibility is nonexistent. In 1998, he published an article, titled “Was Srebrenica a Hoax?,” on two extremist genocide denial web sites – namely Emperor’s Clothes and the Serbian NGO from Toronto, the so called “Centre for Peace in the Balkans.” Since then, his views have been widely cited on web sites that propagate genocide denial, conspiracy theories, extremism, Islamophobia, Bosniakophobia, and ultranationalist Serbian point of view.

Carlos Martins Branco was also a member of a failed distortionist online research group known as the “Srebrenica Research Group” – formed and operated by discredited genocide deniers, notably Ed Herman (aka: Edward S. Herman), and a number of his associates. We will name some of them: Jonathan Rooper, George Szamuely, George Bogdanich, Michael Mandel, Philip Hammond, Tim Fenton, Milan Bulajic, Phillip Corwin, Diana Johnstone, Vera Vratusa, George Pumphrey, Milivoje Ivanisevic, Zoran Stankovic and Srboljub Zivanovic.

Carlos Martins Branco’s Background?

He claims that he was “UNMO Deputy Chief Operations Officers of UNPF (at theatre level)”, which qualifies him for a lower ranking UNMO. In fact, he was a trainee – “at theatre level”, thus far, unqualified to speak on behalf of the United Nations. According to the Selection Standards and Training Guidelines for United Nations Military Observers,

“Upon arrival in-theatre officers are subject to validation testing and additional verification that they meet the requirements as stipulatedin the Notes for Guidance to the mission. Should an officer fail to meet the standards, the Chief Military Observer has theauthority to request immediate repatriation and replacement through the Head of Mission.”

Higher Ranking UNMO Confirms Carlos Martins Branco is a Liar

At the request of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), a high ranking United Nations Military observer – Colonel Joseph Kigori – testified about events in and around Srebrenica. He confirmed that the Bosnian Army units in Srebrenica were in fact disarmed from heavy artillery weapons. The same could not be said for Serb units around Srebrenica who had constantly and deliberately violated the 1993 demilitarization agreement. Serbs around Srebrenica had never demilitarized. Colonel Joseph Kingori testified there were up to 700 military observers around Srebrenica. It is interesting that one one low ranking (trainee) military observer, Carlos Martins Branco, took upon himself to write discredited genocide denial lies on the internet.

Most interesting parts of Kigori’s testimony came to light when the defence lawyer in a case of Popovic et al. suddenly started questioning Colonel Kingori Carlos Martins Branco. Here is one part of Col. Kigori’s testimony during a cross examination:

Q: Look at the first paragraph, the second — rather, the third sentence: [In English] “I was UNMO deputy chief of operations. Officers of UNPF adhere to level and my information is based upon the briefings of UNMOs who where posted to Srebrenica during those days and some UN reports not to disclose to public opinion.”

A. Yes, I’ve read that.

Q. [Interpretation] Do you recall the person now?

A. Your Honour, that name does not ring a bell at all.

Q. Judging by the sentence we’ve read out, we can conclude that this person also worked as an UNMO, and he specified clearly what his title was. He also specified that he had contacts with military representatives in Srebrenica. One of those was yourself. Did you have any contact with the military observers at this level?

A. Are you — I don’t get what you mean, because if you mean that at the level of the operations officer, chief operations officer at the UNPF, really we were not — we were not operating together, as such, in that we were sending reports from our base in the — in the — in the team to the headquarters through the normal channels. So by the time it got to the headquarters in Zagreb, really, I don’t know who was consuming it. But at least we, at the team level, were just sending the reports — the reports out there. There were very many military observers, so they necessarily may not have known that particular individual. I think, at that time we were 300 or so, if not more, military — I think close to 700 military observers. I’m not very sure, so it’s difficult to know each and every observer.

And then, the defence asked Col. Kigori about a number of other discredited claims that Martins Carlos Branco had made in the past. These claims concerned the Bosnian Army’s (counter)-attacks on militarized Serb villages around Srebrenica, as well as fabricated stories about “heavy casualties amongst the Serbian civilian population.” The United Nations’ already concluded that Serb claims about Bosniak attacks practically amounted to nothing. (See: Grossly Inflated Numbers of Serb ‘Victims’ Around Srebrenica Used to Justify Genocide Against Bosniaks)

In fact, Serbs from heavily militarized villages around Srebrenica had terrorized Srebrenica population and constantly attacked neighbouring Bosnian Muslim villages from 1992-1995 (See: Serb Villages Around Srebrenica). In July 1995 the Bosnian Serb army staged a brutal takeover of Srebrenica and its surrounding area, where they proceeded to perpetrate genocide. Bosnian Serb soldiers separated Bosniak families, forcibly expelled 25,000-30,000 people, summarily executed at least 8,372 boys, men, and elderly, and dumped them into mass graves.

Colonel Kingori confirmed that – contrary to Carlos Martins Branco’s allegations – he had not seen any “heavy casualties” among the Bosnian Serb population around Srebrenica. Here is the testimony:

Q. It is clear that Mr. Branco, who was in Zagreb at the time, learned about these armed attacks on the Serbian villages surrounding the enclave from two sources, the UN military observers in the field and from certain confidential sources, these being the reports of the UN not open to the public. My question is this: Did the UN military observers inform their command in Zagreb about these military attacks of the Muslims in the Srebrenica enclave against the Serb villages surrounding the enclave, causing heavy casualties among the civilians?

A. Your Honour, during my stay there, I never witnessed anything like that.

To be more precise, Col. Kingori stated that other U.N. military observers also did not see anything that could substiantiate Carlos Martins Branco’s exaggerated stories about the Bosniak counter-attacks on militarized Serb villages around Srebrenica.

THE WITNESS: Your Honour, what I meant was not that I did not personally see. What I mean is that during my whole tour, no reports reached us. We did not witness, and we were never – not necessarily me, myself, as a person, but observers – heard anything like that.

We also learn from Col. Kingori’s testimony that Carlos Martins Branco lied when he stated that “Curiously, observers were never allowed to inspect the food reserve deposits.” According to Col. Kingori’s testimony:

Q. Let me draw your attention to the penultimate sentence: [In English] “… observers who were never allowed to inspect the food reserve deposits.” It would seem to follow that a military observer from Zagreb that the UNMOs in Srebrenica had not been allowed to look at or inspect the food reserves in Srebrenica. Is that right?

A. That’s not true.

Q. Was such a report ever sent to the UNMO in Zagreb?

A. It’s not true. We never reported on anything to do with that. And if you look from the beginning of that paragraph, where it says that the military observers to say to the world that the Serbians were using chemical weapons [Editor’s note: Yes, Chemical weapons were used during Srebrenica genocide, click here for background], and that the same gentleman later accused the media. That is a gentleman, I’m taking it to mean “as.” It’s a bit of a distortion in the whole paragraph, because even when we wrote about all that, we said we were told by Mr. Osman Suljic, but we could not verify the information. We could not confirm it. It’s on record we have said that. So even this where he is talking about the humanitarian situation, that we were not allowed to inspect the food reserves, is not correct. We were going to the stores, ourselves, to check the food situation. Also, we were also — we also were getting records from the UNHCR. So we were in constant touch with the situation as it was.

Q. And you also inspected the storage facilities in Srebrenica containing food; is that right, sir?

A. Yes, we were. We were inspecting them. We were going to the stores. We could inspect, and we were even, at times, counting the items, item by item. This is what is
available; this is what is there.

In Conclusion

Low ranking, trainee U.N. military observer (at theatre level), Carlos Martins Branco, has no authority, no experience, no academic background, no factual basis – and certainly, no credibility on which he could base his Srebrenica genocide denial.

With respect to other lies advanced by Caros Martins Branco, it is important to note the fact that, so far, the DNA results of the International Commission on Missing Persons have revealed the identities of 6,186 Srebrenica genocide victims. Furthermore, DNA analysis by the ICMP supports an estimate of 8,100 Srebrenica genocide victims.

Srebrenica genocide is not a matter of anybody’s opinion; it’s a judicial fact recognized by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and subsequenetly by the International Court of Justice. End of story!

Footnote – ICTY Trial Testimony:


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Fourteen years after the Srebrenica genocide, Dutch soldiers have discovered two mass graves on the premises of their former base, Bosnian media reported Friday. According to Bosnian media reports, Dutch soldiers buried at least six civilians and two newborns within their base. The civilians buried there died from natural causes or had committed suicide after rapes and torture by Serb soldiers.

“Although the group of Dutch soldiers probably wanted to clear their conscience by revealing the information about the existence of the two mass graves, the fact is that they were quiet for 14 years, during which there was a constant search for the missing Srebrenica people,” Federation Television, FTV, said in its report, which was also uploaded to YouTube.

From 1992-1995, Serbs from heavily militarized villages around Srebrenica had terrorized Srebrenica population and constantly attacked neighbouring Bosnian Muslim villages. In July 1995 the Bosnian Serb army staged a brutal takeover of Srebrenica and its surrounding area, where they proceeded to perpetrate genocide. Bosnian Serb soldiers separated Bosniak families, forcibly expelled 25,000-30,000 people, summarily executed at least 8,372 boys, men, and elderly, and dumped them into mass graves.


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According to the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights in Serbia (YUCOM), “Following a range of actions and pressure by NGOs on Serbian authorities for the adoption of a Declaration on Srebrenica in the People’s Assembly and to proclaim July 11 a Day of Remembrance of the Srebrenica genocide, there has been no official response by the authorities.”

The only response came from Serbian politicians who used the same old empty phrase that “all those who committed crime, without any difference, should be held responsible,” thus far advocating “equalization and creation of a symmetry between the Srebrenica genocide and the Serb victims during the Bosnian war.”

As YUCOM report concluded,

“The factitious [fabricated] symmetry with the Serb victims in Bratunac, which is supposed to annul or relativize the horror and magnitude of the Srebrenica crime — when in only 5 days around 8,000 Bosniaks were killed in a planned action — will continue to acquire new forms and dimensions, to end in a brutal moral inversion: in fact, it was the Serbs who were ethnically cleansed from Srebrenica under pressure, threats and blackmails by the Bosniaks. Such falsified picture will not be of any help for Serbia in the process of democratization, nor in the process of joining the European Union.”

Full report available via Peščanik:

Official web site of the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights in Serbia:


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Sedina Hasanović, Dženeta Nalić, Melisa Smajić


Three courageous Bosniak girls from Srebrenica – one of them only 15 years old – may face criminal charges because they exercised their freedom of speech by shouting “THIS IS BOSNIA!” Girls’ reaction was simply a response to racist Serbian Chetnik provocations in Srebrenica.

On July 12, we published a story about a group of Serbian thugs who were caught on tape spitting and urinating onto the flag of Bosnia-Herzegovina in downtown Srebrenica. The group came from Belgrade just a day after the 14th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide. They sang fascist songs, repeatedly shouted “THIS IS SERBIA!,” verbally insulted Bosniak returnees to Srebrenica and glorifed Serbian Nazi collaborator Draza Mihailovic (background) and a former General Ratko Mladic who was in charge of overseeing the 1995 Srebrenica genocide.

A group of revolted Bosniaks reacted to Serbian provocations by shouting back “THIS IS BOSNIA!” Now, these brave girls are facing criminal charges in the Municipal Court of Srebrenica (Basic Court), simply because they responded to Serbian ultra-nationalist provocations. Interestingly, local Srebrenica Police Department did NOT react to Serbian Chetnik hooliganism in Srebrenica on July 12th.

Srebrenica Municipality’s Vice-President Zulfo Salihović was also one of people who shouted back at Chetniks, “THIS IS BOSNIA!” He has not been charged with any ‘crime,’ yet. However, after learning about the “circus-charges” against the three Bosniak girls, he defiantly requested that local Serb authorities file same criminal charges against him. He is more than willing to fight them in court and he is more than willing to remind Serbs that “THIS IS BOSNIA!” whether they like it or not.

In conclusion, it is more than obvious that a genocidal entity, so called “Republika Srpska,” is not prepared to grant (in practice) a basic set of human freedoms to minorities. The freedom of speech is clearly being taken away from the Bosniak minority on a territory of “Republika Srpska,” especially in the ethnically cleansed regions where Bosniaks formed pre-war majority. In 1992, approximately half a million Bosniaks had been brutally expelled from the current-day Bosnian Serb entity. No need to mention that Serbs created “Republika Srpska” by perpetrating planned and deliberate ethnic cleansing, tortures in concentration camps, brutal massacres, and genocide. Bosniakophobia is at an all time high in “Republika Srpska,” and if something is not done to stop it, we may see a repeat of a bloody war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Bosnian-language version of this news report follows from Bosnia’s Federal TV:

Srebreničanke prijavljene zbog poruke »Ovo je Bosna!«
Srebrenica, 28.07.2009 – FTV

Tri djevojke iz Srebrenice, od kojih je najmlađa skoro djevojčica sa samo 15 godina, prijavljene su Odjeljenju za prekršaje Osnovnog suda u Srebrenici. Razlog je to što su 12. jula, na dan kada su, uz obilježavanje stradanja Srba, četnici orgijali po Srebrenici i Bratuncu, a one im, na uzvike “Ovo je Srbija”, zatim četničke pjesme i najteže uvrede, odgovorile porukom “Ovo je Bosna” i puštenom ilahijom s mobitela. Zbog ovog odgovora na četnička orgijanja Sedina Hasanović, Dženeta Nalić i Melisa Smajić mogle bi biti i osuđene u Osnovnom sudu u Srebrenici.

Zamjenik komandira Policijske stanice Srebrenica Adis Cibralić kaže da je policija reagirala nakon poziva kelnerice u kafiću „Davidoff“ Sanje Kočević-Milanović, a navodni razlog za poziv je odluka gazde da zabrani muziku 11. i 12. jula. Sedina i Dženeta kažu da ih ništa ne plaši – ići će, ako treba, i na suđenje uz poruku „Ovo je Bosna“. Ovu je poruku četnicima koji su orgijali Srebrenicom prvi uputio potpredsjednik Skupštine opštine Srebrenica Zulfo Salihović. On traži i da se protiv njega pokrene prekršajni postupak.

* * * * *

Serbs from heavily militarized villages around Srebrenica had terrorized Srebrenica population and constantly attacked neighbouring Bosnian Muslim villages from 1992-1995. In July 1995 the Bosnian Serb army staged a brutal takeover of Srebrenica and its surrounding area, where they proceeded to perpetrate genocide. Bosnian Serb soldiers separated Bosniak families, forcibly expelled 25,000-30,000 people, summarily executed at least 8,372 boys, men, and elderly, and dumped them into mass graves.


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[our readers are welcome to republish this letter in other sources]

PHOTO: DNA-identified remains of the Srebrenica genocide victims

A world-renowned historical scholar and, by far, one of the most prominent experts on genocide studies – Dr. Marko Attila Hoare – recently noted on his blog that Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt is on record for denying more than half the victims of the Srebrenica genocide. I would like to respond publicly to these ignorant statements made by irrelevant, non-authoritative, and failed politicians like Carl Bildt.

First of all, DNA results of the International Commission on Missing Persons support an estimate of 8,100 Srebrenica genocide victims. So far, the identities of 6,186 genocide victims have been revealed by the DNA analysis. See ICMP press release as of July 11, 2009. Additionally, 30000 people were forcibly expelled from the enclave, with many women raped.

Second of all, rapes of women were an integral part of the Srebrenica genocide. The Serbs, said Johan Bos, a Dutch sergeant, “bragged about how they had murdered people and raped women….” (The Independent). “In one town, “three soldiers came onto the bus and told us to give them the youngest child …so they could slit its throat. Usually, though, the soldiers were content to rob and to rape, dragging out women of their choice, who wept and pleaded and did not return…”(UNHCR). A testimony by Zarfa Turkovic is especially moving:

“Zarfa Turkovic says she watched through half-closed eyes, pretending to sleep, hoping she would not be next, as four Bosnian Serb men raped a 28-year-old Muslim woman… Despite the presence of Dutch peacekeepers, the Turkovic says Bosnian Serbs raped a young victim from among the sleeping refugees. ‘People were silent, no one moved. She was screaming and yelling and b egging them to stop. They put her a rag into her mouth, and then we were just hearing silent sobs coming from her closed lips. When they finished, the woman was left there.'” (Associated Press)

Third of all, a number of Srebrenica genocide victims were gassed with chemical weapons. According to the Human Rights Watch, the United States government conducted “an investigation, reported to have taken place in late 1996 or early 1997. The results of this investigation have not been made public, but in late 1996 or early 1997 the U.S. intelligence community had information suggesting that chemical weapons may have been used in Srebrenica. The government’s refusal to release the findings may, according to a U.S. official interviewed by Human Rights Watch, be based on a belief that making this information public might hurt the international effort to effect peace in the former Yugoslavia.” See: Use of Chemical Weapons Requested by Chemical Tolimir.

Fourth of all, 40000 people were targeted for extinction in Srebrenica. Here is what the Presiding Judge Theodor Meron stated in a Judgment rendered against Serb General Radislav Krstic:

By seeking to eliminate a part of the Bosnian Muslims [Bosniaks], the Bosnian Serb forces committed genocide. They targeted for extinction the forty thousand Bosnian Muslims living in Srebrenica, a group which was emblematic of the Bosnian Muslims in general. They stripped all the male Muslim prisoners, military and civilian, elderly and young, of their personal belongings and identification, and deliberately and methodically killed them solely on the basis of their identity. (source)

Fifth of all, Srebrenica was a ghetto surrounded by genocidal Serb forces in heavily militarized Serb villages around Srebrenica. According to ambassador Arria, who initiated the visit of the UN Security Council delegation to Srebrenica in April 1993, and was at its head, described the situation in the enclave as “genocide in slow motion” (source). In his address to the UN Security Council on the issue Arria said, “we should call them what they are: ghettos, refugee camps, open jails, areas under threat; but we should never be so brazen to call them ‘safe areas’”. The safe areas actually gathered the people together in one place for the slaughter.

Sixth of all, In 1993, the Bosnian Government had entered into demilitarization agreements with the Bosnian Serbs. The Serbs never demilitarized around Srebrenica. Between 1992 and 1995, militarized Serb villages around Srebrenica had been used to attack and destroy nearby Bosniak villages around Srebrenica, as well as to launch brutal attacks on Srebrenica. Serb village of Kravica had a large cache of weapons and was used to stage attacks on Srebrenica and nearby Bosniak villages. Furthermore, Serbs used their villages around Srebrenica to block humanitarian aid coming into the Bosniak enclave, which caused Bosniaks to start dying from starvation and engage in counter-attacks for the purpose of obtaining food and demilitarizing heavily armed Serbs around Srebrenica (see excerpts from Naser Oric judgment).

I can go on and on, but ignorant individuals like Carl Bildt do not deserve more of my time. Here is my challenge to Carl Bildt:

If Carl Bildt wishes to have a public debate about the Srebrenica genocide, I will be more than glad to reveal my identity and to meet him at any time. His non-authoritative accounts of Srebrenica genocide show how ignorant he really is. If Bildt has a courage to publicly debate genocide on an academic level – bring it on. My E-mail is publicly listed.



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PHOTO: A forensic expert holds an old 100 German marks banknote found with remains of massacre victims of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide in a mass grave near the village of Kamenica July 10, 2009.

In May 2009, we reported that the U.N.-backed International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) deliberately destroyed material recovered from mass graves of Srebrenica genocide (background). The destroyed material consisted of approximately 1000 pieces of identification, photographs and articles of clothing belonging to the victims found in the mass graves.

Now, local associations of Srebrenica genocide survivors plan to launch a lawsuit against the Office of the Prosecutor.

Hajra Catic – president of the NGO Women of Srebrenica (Žene Srebrenice) – told BIRN:

“They must have contacted the families of the people whose remains were found. They should not have destroyed the personal documents, because they could have been used as evidence in other trials.”

According to Amir Ahmić, the Bosnian liaison officer for the ICTY, “the destruction was done during the term of [former] chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte. Nobody outside the tribunal knew about it. I personally consider that they should have informed the victims’ families prior to conducting some kind of a selection.”

HISTORY OF THE CONFLICT: Serbs from heavily militarized villages around Srebrenica had terrorized Srebrenica population and constantly attacked neighbouring Bosnian Muslim villages from 1992-1995. In July 1995 the Bosnian Serb army staged a brutal takeover of Srebrenica and its surrounding area, where they proceeded to perpetrate genocide. Bosnian Serb soldiers separated Bosniak families, forcibly expelled 25,000-30,000 people, summarily executed at least 8,372 boys, men, and elderly, and then dumped them into mass graves.

Read more by visiting BIRN: